Amdocs Israel​ launched a project to renovate homes for the elderly in Sderot’s Matav Day Center in Sderot

The project had young volunteers preparing the elderly homes for the upcoming Passover holiday. The students and volunteers were divided into teams, with each team making the necessary renovations. This activity took place as part of the “Good Deeds” project that runs all year round, in which students visit the elderly one day a week.

The goal of the project is to create a social support system for the elderly, in conjunction with United Hatzalah’s project, Ten Kavod.

Elad Kalimi, deputy mayor of Sderot, who supported and helped the success of the project, said “We all admire the ‘Ten Kavod’ project which is part of the important organization that is involved in saving life, United Hatzalah, and we thank the Municipality of Sderot in cooperation with Amdocs, and the Education Center Amit, and Matav. What these volunteers are doing is significantly improving the lives of the elderly in both their physical and mental health.”

Shmuel Rosengarten, Director of “Ten Kavod”, stated: “In addition to the weekly activities of the volunteers of Ten Kavod, which deals with the issue of alleviating loneliness and basic health for the elderly, the volunteers placed a “light” into the homes of the elderly by means of doing renovations. We are pleased to have the opportunity to be partners in helping the city’s elderly population and wish everyone a kosher and happy Passover!”

The activity is coordinated by the following entities:
Matav Day Center for the Elderly
Amit- the religious high school in Sderot
Amdocs Israel
United Hatzalah/Ten Kavod
‘Unit for Volunteering’ – Municipality of Sderot
The Municipality of Sderot



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